na-gets -- nuggets of "aha's"

Monday, August 30, 2004


If you have a clear mission, the strategy to attain it will manifest itself more easily.
- Prof Sol

We have enough to provide for everybody's needs. But not enough to supply everybody's greeds.
- Prof Pradeep, Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka

Below the underwater
- Prof Novel, about what is unseen of an iceberg

Make sure you know who your stakeholders are. You have to understand where they want to go and their motivations.
- Prof Sol, Singapore's Public Libraries

You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
- Prof Sol

We are all advocates of our own passions.
- Prof Sol

Equality. Not Equivalence.
- Edwin , Gender and Development

Form follows function.
Structure follows strategy.
- Prof Sol quoting Alfred Chandler, Organizations' 7-S's

Tell me what your organization spends for and I'll tell you what business you're in.
- Prof Limlingan