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Monday, February 28, 2005

Poor Henry Sy

Henry Sy is poor... Poor morals.
- Derkie
SEED, Discussion on Fair trade

Negotiations Flaws

Kill your enemies with kindness.
Two heads are better than one.
Leave well enough alone.
Split the differnce


It's not "greed", it's "enlightened self-interest".
- Prof Confesor


"Tourism" and "Terrorism" have something in common: they sound alike.
- from Hien's sharing
lunch at Prof Lim's Tagaytay residence

Friday, February 25, 2005

More from Wilson

Instead of doing what you love to do, it is easier to love what you need to do.

So love is important, but love with trust and mutual respect endures.

- Wilson Ng,

we work, we live

... we work hard so that we can afford to be a little bit more generous and a little bit more hospitable

... while he is working to be richer, I will be there working to learn more, to make more friends, to smell more flowers, and to live life more happily.
- Wilson Ng, "Leaving Money on the Table", talking about another man who sucks everything from a deal at the expense of others

Thursday, February 24, 2005

More or Less

"More or Less" is the cousin of "I don't know"
- Prof Sol Hernando

Full Prisons

If all accused admit, the prisons will be filled!
- Novel Gofur on his travel plans. Gosh!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Love is not ...

Love is not about married or single
not about male or female
not about race
not about age.
Love is about your heart, about who you would like to share ice cream with.
- Lu Yao to Edwin Nicolas

NGO dilemma

The basic problem of the NGOs is that they can justify anything they want to do.

NGOs have a tendency to look where the donor money is going and THEN set up camp THERE.

The better way is to determine where YOU want to go and then find donors to fund your journey.
- Prof. Limlingan

Change and Compensation

No, I do not think I'll change anything. But I expect to be compensated well for trying.
- Prof. Limlingan
quoting a friend who plans to access MCA grant money

Monday, February 21, 2005


Contracts are meant to make relationships stronger, not to have a basis for arguing.
- Prof Confesor

Trust and Negotiations

The hardest thing is to trust. But the returns of real trust is large.
- Prof. Confesor

Partners Complete

A marriage is a team. Partners are team mates and should not compete but complete.
- Virgilio Prudente Jr.
message for newly weds Gil and Rheea

Friday, February 18, 2005

No Cash

Sign inside a jeepney:
Driver Carries No Cash
He's Married!

Don't Argue, Idiot!

Never argue with an idiot. They bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
- An HBO movie

Replicating Excellence

It might be too much for the exception to be imposed as the rule.
- Prof. Sol Hernando

Pick-up lines

Guy to girl in a bar:
Excuse me, do you have a quarter? I told my mom I'd call her when I fall in love.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Heroes all

If all become heroes, there'll be no one to clap...
- Kalyan ji

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


When someone offers you heaven, be careful! He/she might be hiding hell.
- Prof. Confesor

Create Value

Value is generated by interests served. Not just by price.
- Prof Confesor


How can I give you want when you can't even tell me what you want?
- Prof. Confesor

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Start Early!

Late starters are seldom winners
- A poster at Prof Faustino's msg board

Dress for Success

Dress-up like the job you want, not just like the job you have.
- Carson of Queer Eye for the Straight the Straight Guy

Monday, February 07, 2005


Everybody owns it, but nobody takes responsibility for it.
- Prof Lisa Dacanay about the tragedy of the commons of fishers and the coastal resources

Drop Dead Money

Drop Dead Money - that amount of money one needs to have freedom and luxury to tell all: "drop dead" and not worry
- James Clavell in the novel "Noble House"
quoted by Prof Limlingan

Half-meant jokes

All jokes are half-meant. Kung inulit mo pa yun, whole-meant na yun.
- Eric Soriano

When you're down and out...

This too shall pass
- Said the bell boy to the depressed Julia Roberts in "Best Friend's Wedding"

Learning My Mantra

I will never have enough time to do everything I want. Therefore, I must focus on what is important, on what matters.
- edwin
a lesson from

Practice Make Permanent

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.
- Aristotle
quoted by Angelo

Saturday, February 05, 2005


If there is no value, do not engage
- Prof. Confesor

Distrustful Golden Rule

Do unto others before the do unto you!

Have your way

Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have your way.
- Daniele Vare, Italian Diplomat
Strategic Negotiations

Negotiator's central task

The essence of the negotiator's central task:
to shape their problem such that the solution they choose is in your interest.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

An Eye for an Eye

An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.
- Mohandas Gandhi

The Way of Truth and Love

When I despair, I rember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won.

There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall.

Whenever you are in doubt that this is God's way, the way the world is meant to be, think of that... and then try to do it His way.
- Gandhi

Battle on evil

The only devils in this world are those that are running around in our own hearts. That is where all battles ought to be fought.
- Gandhi


Poverty is the worst form of violence.
- Gandhi

Where are we?

You're all over but not anywhere
- Prof. Sol Hernando
About not being able to limit the scope of our Performance Management System

Grief and Joy

I can wade grief, whole pools of it. I'm used to that. But the slightest push of joy trips up my feet, and I tip, drunken.
From an old Chinese poem
Intro of "The Unsung Heroines: Profiles of Four Female Microcredit Clients"

Civil Disobedience

They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then, they will have my dead body... Not my obedience.
- Gandhi

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Big China

On China's enormous market and economy:
When China spits, the rest of the world swims.
- From a reading in Competitiveness and Development